Preparing for the future of investment management

On the edge of fundamental change

The investment management industry has been going through significant changes in the last few years, and the changes will accelerate exponentially due to volatility caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the increase in assets from emerging markets.  The new market will include a set of complex features:

  • Regulatory transparency:  regulators across the globe will consistently enforce transparency throughout the investment processes and customer engagements. The details will be on display.
  • High costs, low fees: costs for regulatory compliance, distribution channel maintenance, and emerging technologies will remain high, while fees will come under increased pressure as customers demand greater transparency and have broad access to comparable services. 
  • Scale is essential: continuous growth of assets and global distribution that meets regional needs and regulatory requirements will drive the creation of mega-firms that have economies-of-scale. Mergers and acquisitions will accelerate, and firms will need to rationalize operations and technology to manage costs.
  • Growth in alternatives and passive products:  alternatives and ETF already cover 25% to 30% of the assets under management, and investors will continue to increase their allocation in these passive products in search of low fees and broad market coverages.

Winning in the market

As firms undertake the transformation that will be required to survive in the new market environment, there will be key capabilities they need to remain competitive and provide investor value:

  • Flexible product and investment-strategy platforms, capturing alpha in all market conditions
  • Scalable and agile operating models to create frictionless partnerships
  • Customer and market insight through advanced analytics, creating relevant and unique products and high-quality customer experiences
  • Continuous improvement of technology and efficiency to expand distribution channels and enable strategic partnerships.

Your partner for change

Most firms have the skills and knowledge to set their business strategies and investment best practices in the shifting markets. We focus on execution, implementing those strategies across departmental boundaries and organizational functions. Unlike traditional consulting practices that utilize large inexperience team, we lead with an expert team, providing full transparency and allowing clients a high degree of control over our resources. We emphasize collaboration with client teams and smooth knowledge transition to clients.  We have extensive experience delivering key services:

  • Architecture strategy and design — business and technology design and strategy, including best practices, standards, infrastructure set-up, and skill requirements and sourcing.
  • Operations optimization — evaluation, design and implementation of operational models, leveraging leading service design and process excellence techniques.
  • Technology modernization — transformation of current applications, data services and infrastructure, leveraging innovative technologies to support business agility and growth.    
  • Complex program leadership — program and change management for cross functional and organizational initiatives using agile best practices.

Our practitioners bring broad acumen in the products, services, and operations of key segments of the investment management market:

  • Institutional asset management
  • Hedge funds
  • Pensions and endowment funds
  • Wealth and mutual funds
  • Asset management within insurances companies
  • Asset servicing companies

We consistently delivery client value by collaboratively clarifying your business needs, providing actionable advice and implementing complex programs.


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