Preparing and responding in a dynamic and competitive market.

Change ahead

The market for banking services has seen dramatic changes in the past few years and is likely to continue to experience rapidly evolving consumer preferences, economic opportunities, and a dynamic competitive environment. Traditional banks are being forced to evaluate their position in the overall value chain as the industry consolidates, technology changes customer expectations and the competitive landscape, and government intervention and regulatory expectations reshape cost models and demand drivers.

The prevalence of external forces, including economic volatility, climate change, cyber threats, and geopolitical instability further complicate planning and delivery activities, and reinforce the need to focus on providing stability and enhancing customer trust in an increasingly complex world.

Financially, banks experienced strong performance, delivering strong shareholder returns, despite historically low rates and emerging competition, prior to the emergence of the pandemic that has created significant uncertainty, material changes in non-performing assets, and drastic changes in customer channel preferences.

Taking the lead

Most banks have the knowledge, skills, and resources required to understand market forces, set direction, maintain competitive positioning, and deliver market relevant customer experiences. Leading institutions, however, need to be able to structure all these capabilities into solutions that include:

  • Flexible and secure delivery platforms
  • Customer orientation and accommodation
  • Agile workforces with coordinated operating protocols
  • Strategic business partners
  • Sound, risk mitigating practices

Solutions must align to strategic objectives, provide a simple and reliable customer and user experience, and transcend internal functional boundaries.

A strategic partner

As the banking market changed, so have the demands on professional services providers. While traditional firms continue to leverage large teams of inexperienced resources to deliver commodity services, relying on an established brand, the ability to buy relationships, and advocating for selected vendor solutions, we take a different approach that includes delivery by experienced, seasoned industry practitioners leveraging the latest digital platforms, to provide clients with the highest-quality services, objective recommendations, and best value. Our banking team is narrowly focused on key high-value capabilities:

  • Digital solutions – design and delivery of customer-centric platforms, intelligently integrating established and emerging technologies.
  • Process & operations transformation – evaluation, design, and implementation of thoughtful operating models leveraging leading service design and process excellence techniques.

Our focus allows us to be highly specialized and provide insight throughout the change process, as well as practical experience executing change in organizations of all sizes. Our team delivers solutions within:

  • Consumer banking – consumer credit, deposits, payments, and channels.
  • Wholesale & transaction banking – commercial credit and cash management.

We listen to our clients, understand and clarify needs and constraints, provide relevant perspective, and collaborate to develop and execute complex programs.